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BOARD MEETING DATE: September 13, 2002 AGENDA NO. 34


Approve Implementation of Environmental Justice Program Enhancements for FY 2002-03


In fulfillment of Chairman Glover’s Strategic Alliance Initiative #6, a staff report on the District’s Environmental Justice Program was prepared and circulated at the July Board meeting for 60-day public comment. Included as part of the review was a set of proposed enhancements to District activities, comprised of three action categories to further identify and address environmental justice concerns. During August and early September, eight public consultation meetings were held throughout the District to solicit diverse community feedback and further suggestions. Upon Board approval, staff will proceed to implement the full set of proposed enhancements by no later than June 2003. Taken together, the enhancements will serve as the basis for further outreach and problem-solving activities regarding short- and long-term environmental justice issues.


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  1. Direct staff to proceed with implementation of the Environmental Justice Program Enhancements for FY 2002-03 as detailed in the Attachments, for completion by no later than June 2003;

  2. Direct staff to make periodic reports to the Advisory Groups and Board Committees identified in Attachment 3; and

  3. Authorize the Chairman to appoint a Stakeholders Working Group to meet semi-annually with staff to discuss progress in implementing the program enhancements and provide stakeholders feedback.

Barry R. Wallerstein, D.Env.
Executive Officer


Following the implementation of AQMD’s Environmental Justice Initiatives in October 1997, a brief implementation status of ongoing environmental justice activities has appeared as part of each month’s Public Affairs Report to the Board. In addition, ongoing environmental justice issues and activities have been tracked by the Board’s standing Committees and advisory groups. Ongoing activities include Town Hall meetings, community response team actions, CEQA commenting, diesel clean-up incentives, siting of temporary mobile monitoring platforms, improvements in field inspection technology, and public comment on air toxics control strategies.

In February 2002, Chairman Norma Glover’s Initiative #6 "Strategic Alliance on Environmental Justice" called for staff to prepare a review of AQMD’s environmental justice program to date, and to lay out proposed environmental justice related activities for FY 2002-03. The first annual review document, including a set of 23 proposed program enhancements (see Attachment 1 and 2), were circulated at the July Board meeting for 60 days of public feedback.

During August and early September, a series of eight public consultation meetings was held throughout the District to solicit diverse community feedback concerning the proposed program enhancements (see table summary, below). Each meeting offered multilingual translation services, and opportunities for both formal and informal discussions with staff depending on the preference of individual attendees. The general response to the proposed program enhancements was consistently supportive. Moreover, at most meetings, local air quality concerns were raised concerning issues such as dust and odor nuisance complaints, penalty policies, land use decisions, and residential air quality awareness - - all of which staff believes can be more effectively addressed upon implementation of these program enhancements.

Staff also reviewed the proposed enhancements with environmental and community groups, business groups, trade associations, and several AQMD Board Committees and Advisory Groups. Changes were made to the original proposal in response to comments received.


Eight Public Consultation Meetings Held
to Solicit Feedback
On Proposed 23 Environmental Justice Program Enhancements





 Wed., July 31, 6:30pm

 senior center



 Wed., Aug. 14, 6:00pm

 school meeting room

 San Bernardino


 Tues., Aug. 20, 6:00pm

 school auditorium

 Mira Loma


 Thurs., Aug. 22, 6:00pm

 senior center

 Boyle Heights


 Mon., Aug. 26, 6:00pm

 family center

 Huntington Park


 Wed., Aug. 28, 6:00pm

 multipurpose center



 Wed., Sept. 4, 6:30pm

 senior center

 Santa Ana


 Thurs., Sept. 5, 6:00pm

 school cafeteria




The original proposal released for public review and comment has been refined, and the proposed amendments are shown in Attachments 1 and 2 by underline and strikeout. Staff believes that the proposed changes are consistent with the original intent of the program review and responsive to the suggestions from stakeholders. Based upon supportive public feedback received at the above-described series of public consultation meetings, staff seeks Board approval to proceed with implementation of the identified enhancements. Staff will make periodic reports to the applicable advisory groups and Board Committees (see Attachment 3), in order to provide performance checkpoints on the progress of the various program enhancements. Following brief interim reports provided during each quarter, staff will present a final report on completion status of the enhancements (as of the end of FY 2002-03) at the August 2003 Board Meeting, along with the second annual program review.

In addition to implementing the District’s own program initiatives and enhancements, staff continues to be actively involved with environmental justice efforts at the state level. Staff participates as a member of CARB’s Environmental Justice Stakeholders Group and the Cal/EPA Advisory Committee for Environmental Justice (SB 89-Escutia), as well as discussions on related issues by the California Air Pollution Control Officers Association (CAPCOA). Staff’s active profile is intended to help ensure consistency and integration among regional and state environmental justice programs and levels of authority.

Lastly, staff recommends that the Board authorize the Chairman to appoint a stakeholder working group to provide feedback on implementation of the enhancements. The group will be formed in a balanced manner that includes local government, environmental and community groups, business representatives and other key stakeholders.

Resource Impacts

It is anticipated that there will be workload adjustments required relative to implementing the proposed enhancements to AQMD’s environmental justice program. These modifications can be addressed within current budget allocations and staffing. Any individual action requiring significant additional resources will be brought before the Board for approval.


  1. List of SCAQMD Environmental Justice Program Enhancements, FY 2002-03
  2. Final Draft Environmental Justice Program Review and Proposed Enhancements for FY 2002-03
  3. Reporting Commitment Calendar

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